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[o] Application [x]

Name: Jamie
Age: 14
Sexuality: Straight
Location: Bradenton, Florida

Bands(7+): Against Me!, Pretty Girls Make Graves, Mindless Self Indulgence, AC/DC, Anti-Flag, Atreyu, Bob Marley, Sublime, Brand New, Bright Eyes, The Used, The Bled, The Misfits
Books(3+): Cut, She Said Yes, Catalyst
Games: Pacman, Life, and Trouble
TV shows: South Park, Chapelle Show, Family Guy, Boy Meets World, Fairly Odd Parents, and Spongebob.
Movies(4+): Finding Nemo, The Little Mermaid, Fern Gully, Thirteen, Scarface, & The Rocky Horror Picture Show
Subject in school: mm... math. Just because I'm good at it.
Color: Any neon colors.
Lyrics: "Life is too short so love the one you got 'cause you might get run over or you might get shot" -Sublime
Store: WALMART duhh.
Food: fruit gushers.
Celebrity: Gwen Stafani, and Marilyn Monroe.
Animal: the white tiger
Scent: LOVE SPELL by victoria's secret
Type of under garment(i.e. thongs,boxers,etc): thongs. and boy underwears sometimes. =)
Type of music: screamo, emo, classic rock, raggae, punk rock, and metal.
Soda: Diet Coke.

-Thoughts On-
Premarital sex: If you're ready, go for it.
Drugs: Something that fucked up my life. I'm not against them, I just don't really like them.
Cliques: Hate them with a passion.
Eating Disorders(anorexia, overeating, bulimia etc.): They're fucked up.
Abortion and Birth Control: Birth control is understandable, but abortions are wrong. Every baby has a meaning in its life, and having an abortion is murdering it.
Homosexuals/Homophobia: I support homosexuals. I dislike homophobia.
Straight Edge (sXe): I wish I was sXe. they know how to have fun with out being high .
Pornography: haha. Not for me..
Animal Cruelty: ::gasps:: I LOVE ANIMALS. !! Anyone that abuses animals should go to hell.
Abuse(physical,mental): Horrible. That's all I have to say.
War: Gross. Americas always trying to teach us "violence is not the answer" well helloooo!! Isn't that a little bit hiprocritical?
Religion: They're like labels. they suck.
Llamas: Funny looking. =)
Running down the street in a sars mask: haha. me& melissa sue have done that before. <33Missy
Dancing in public: Only the cool kids do that.
Love: I can't really judge it.. i've never been in love before.
the word "lame": It's like one of my fav words.
People: Some are cool ? most are gay.
The little mermaid: MY FAVORITE !!!!!
Cutting: I can understand why people cut, so I'm not against it. But I don't like support it or anything.
Teenage depression: VERY understandable

What would you do with a million dollars?: Fuck, dude. I can't even imagine.
What random word is most likely to come out of your mouth?: penis/vagina.
Would you rather walk in on your boyfriend and your mom or your mom and your best friend?: mom& bestfriend. Who knows what embarassing things my mom would say to my boyfriend.
You have one wish, what is it?: That I never did drugs.
What five things would you take to a dessert island?: water, food, music, laptop, and a cell phone.
Papsmear party ? DAMN STRAIGHT. i am SO invited. =)
Sars mask or Surgeon gloves: sars mask duhhhh
Popsicle sticks or dentist tools: dentist tools. I fucking hate the taste of popsicle sticks. eww.
Do you like ddr: Sure.
Hump a tree in public: I have. never again.
Doodle >>i love vaginas<< on the side of your homework assignment: Haha good idea...

Whats at the end of this rainbow? Locust and Melissa Sue
--Pics (3+)--

I'm on the left of all of these. <3

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