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Name:Emily McCormick
Sexuality:it depends

Bands(7+): Interpol, the bravery, bloc party, the decemberists, the blood brothers, death cab for cutie, neutral milk hotel, metric, eisley, pelican...etc
Books(3+): the lovely bones, whispers in the wind, joan of arc, a wrinkle in time...
Games:monopoly, blind folded hide and seek, and... connect four
TV shows: I'm not a fan of "tv shows"
Movies(4+):about shmidt, requiem for a dream, igby goes down, ghost world, the bird cage, and the lion in winter
Subject in school:art.
Color:pretty pretty pink?!
Lyrics:"you put the R in Retarded" -bloc party
Food:chinese food?
Celebrity:jennifer garner
Animal:SMOKEY!!!!!!!! (dog)
Scent: lucky you
Type of under garment(i.e. thongs,boxers,etc):.... .... ...   .....  ..... ... uhh ... I wear pants?
Type of music:Indie/emo/hardcore/...blah blah blah I like alot of stuff

-Thoughts On-
Premarital sex: hoooray!!!!
Drugs: sure
Eating Disorders(anorexia, overeating, bulimia etc.):they're people who have problems...but who doesn't?
Abortion and Birth Control:abortion is a personal decision...and as for birth control it's a beautiful thing... unles you want to pop out lots of kids.... or if you support abortion... spend lots of money to kill them...
Homosexuals/Homophobia:I don't like to label people as gay staright or bi.. we're all just people... and homophobes need to get over themselves.
Straight Edge (sXe): if it's what you believe in ok
Pornography: uhh depends..lol
Animal Cruelty: If I see you abusing an animal...you'll see me abuse you. haha
Abuse(physical,mental):bad bad bad bad bad bad....
War: depends on what the reasons are for it.
Religion: it's got it's good points and it's bad... and if you are a person that is a "believer" thet's fine.
Llamas: haha they don't generally like me :(
Running down the street in a sars mask: sounds like a barrel of fun
Dancing in public: well I do...in class.. ?
Love: *sigh*
the word "lame": psssh lame was so last week.. lamo is what's in now.
people: uhh people ....it depends..
The little mermaid: she was a red head who lived in the ocean... the poor dear.
Cutting: like I've said everyone has their own problems that they have to deal with.
Teenage depression: problems...

What would you do with a million dollars?: MUHAHAHAHAHA ..... MUAHAHAHAHAHA
What random word is most likely to come out of your mouth?:persnikity
Would you rather walk in on your boyfriend and your mom or your mom and your best friend?: my mom and my best friend fo sho... because if it was my bf... then he'd be cheating on me... and with my mom!!!!!
You have one wish, what is it?: I want to be truely happy... however that may happen
What five things would you take to a dessert island?:uhh my cell phone is all I'de need because I could call for help, and the beast has a tracking device in it so people could find me and take me back to running water and air conditioning!!!!!!
Papsmear party ? those words don't go together...EVER!
Sars mask or Surgeon gloves: sars mask of course!!!!
Popsicle sticks or dentist tools: toooooools
Do you like ddr:no.
Hump a tree in public:OOOOOHH yeeeeaaah
Doodle >>i love vaginas<< on the side of your homework assignment:sure

Whats at the end of this rainbow? locust and melissa sue... aka ( Missykinns)
--Pics (3+)--


me n moke


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