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Name: Devyn
Age: 15
Sexuality: straight
Location: FL

Bands(7+): daughters, locust, the chinese stars, the plot, bear vs shark, from a second story window, circle takes the square
Books(3+): Kiss the girls, Lord if the rings, go ask alice
Games: uhh . Monopoly, CLUE, super mario world . duh
TV shows: degrassi, csi, cold case files, as the world turns . hah yes I like soaps !
Movies(4+): Hum . SLC punk, From Hell , any thing with Johnny Depp . great actor! The Wizzard of Oz, Phantom of the Opers (classic one)
Subject in school:artartartartartart
Color:red or pink
Lyrics: like a line of a lyric . hum . every crotch is a simese gun <3
Store: hollister, american eagle, online . hah
Food:Italian and sea . yup
Celebrity:Johnny Depp
Animal:cat or squirrel
Scent:vanilla or cinnamon . yum
Type of under garment(i.e. thongs,boxers,etc):none gosh . kidding . thong
Type of music:post hardcore, hardcore, some emo is good, indies okay to

-Thoughts On-
Premarital sex:the persons choice
Drugs:not so good . but to hell with health right?
Cliques:like them
Eating Disorders(anorexia, overeating, bulimia etc.):sad
Abortion and Birth Control:depends, like if you were raped or spmething, then I think you should be able to abort it, because its not youre fault. Other wise, I dont like the idea, I think if youre responsable enough to get laid knowing what could happen, you should deal with the consequences, but birthcontrol Im good with . At least they know they dont want a child, and they dont kill it, they help prevent it from ever happening
Homosexuals/Homophobia:let people love who they love
Straight Edge (sXe):its a boring way to live life. You cant do any thing. I mean, you dont have to claim edge to be against something.
Pornography:hum . intresting. I dont care
Animal Cruelty:hate it . animals cant defend them selves. and if you beat one you need therapy
Abuse(physical,mental):fucked up
War:they say its to make peace, but to make peace, they have to fight? I dont understand it
Religion:gives people hope
Llamas:hah , theyre swell
Running down the street in a sars mask:that would be cool
Dancing in public:I like to do that !yep
Love:best feeling ever,
the word "lame":#1 in my vocab !
People:they always find a way to make life intresting
The little mermaid:eh. she looks like my sister
Cutting:a way to relese pain I guess . I think its extreme
Teenage depression:sad

What would you do with a million dollars?:shop. CDSCDSCDS. buy my mom a house and stuff . oh and my grandma EVERYTHING ! shes the best !
What random word is most likely to come out of your mouth?: slime tooth . yep
Would you rather walk in on your boyfriend and your mom or your mom and your best friend?:oh man . uh . mom and boyfriend . they can be disposed of easier than a bestfriend
You have one wish, what is it?: My grandmas cance gets cured :(
What five things would you take to a dessert island?: my cds, computer, hum my lover, cd player, FOOD! hah
Papsmear party ? the fuck ?
Sars mask or Surgeon gloves:sars mask
Popsicle sticks or dentist tools:lol . popsicle sticks
Do you like ddr:yeah . to bad I suck
Hump a tree in public:pshh yeah
Doodle >>i love vaginas<< on the side of your homework assignment:hum maybe one day

Whats at the end of this rainbow? Locust and Melissa Sue

--Pics (3+)--

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